Company Profile

Company Name GVIDO MUSIC Co.,Ltd.
Established July 2015
Capital 850 million JPY
Main Businesses Development and sale of digital music score device.
Sales and Delivery of digital music score.
Storage and Utilization of music score (Digital and Paper).
Shareholders Warehouse TERRADA / YAMANO MUSIC CO.,LTD. / VAIO Corporation
Main banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd. MUFG Bank, Ltd. The Bank of Yokohama,Ltd.
Board of Directors Representative Director,Chairman / President / CEO: Yoshihisa NAKANO
Director: Yasunobu TERADA
Director: Yoichi TSUCHIYA
Director: Kunitake ANDO
Office 2-6-10 Higashi-shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo,Japan 140-0002
Tel +81-3-6712-9590,
Related Company OTTAVA "Internet radio station for classical music"

Press Release

2018.12.03 GVIDO MUSIC Representative Director and CEO to also Serve as President
2018.11.21 GVIDO MUSIC will sponsor a BS Fuji TV program featuring the "STAND UP! CLASSIC FESTIVAL '18"
2018.11.16 Opening the first corporate owned store "GVIDO STORE TOKYO" in Tennoz, Tokyo
2018.10.31 GVIDO MUSIC Cosponsors Deutsche Grammophon 120th Special Gala Concert Presented by Seiji Ozawa and Saito Kinen Orchestra
2018.10.09 The GVIDO digital music score device was selected as one of BEST 100 in GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018
2018.09.19 GVIDO to have its full orchestra debut at STAND UP! CLASSIC FESTIVAL '18
2018.07.09 Appoint Sarah Alainn to be ambassador for digital music score device "GVIDO"
2018.06.28 Provide digital music score device "GVIDO" as an award of "Piano Talents Competition 2018"
2018.04.25 Provide digital music score device "GVIDO" to BS Fuji "Cello to Travel, Hitomi Niikura"
2017.12.20 Launched digital music score distribution for GVIDO "Dual screen digital music score device" in Japan and North America markets.