Dual-screen Digital Music Score GVIDO

Respecting the paper music score - while going beyond.
Light, thin / Same size as paper music scores / Glare-free / 4,000 scores in one place


"The name “GVIDO” was given as a mark of respect to Guido d’Arezzo, who devised the foundations of musical notation in the early 11th century"

No reflection under the bright lighting and sun

The device does not reflect to lights or sunshine. So, you will feel like a real note or a paper.
Just that the page does not turn with the wind.

Super thin and light to carry large data of score

Superior durability against shocks or fall down

Long-lasting battery

Fast charge [Just 3hours charge will work for 3 days]

*Turning 100 pages in a minute, in a day.

Turn the score page

Touch page device helps in turning the page back or forth without noise.
[which is useful in a dubbing studio]
3 touch switches can be customized.

Install the music score

Approximately 4,000 electronic score [pdf files] can be imported into the Device (Approx 4 GB space available).
Electronic musical score purchased at the GVIDO store can be added to the device via the GVIDO service (wireless LAN connection).
Electronic musical score created by an individual can be sent to the device via USB or GVIDO service.

Handwriting on the music score

Exclusive stylus pen to write down and erase notes directly on to Dual screen display.
Saves up to 100 layers. Scores and notes can be shared among the registered members through the GVIDO Service.

Set list

Plural set lists can be made for each concert and music scores can be reorganized according to program.

Customizing the display order

Customize and assign the sequence for the pages, such as repeating or skipping.

Score View Ahead

Dual display allows to display a page ahead on one of the two displays.
It helps a lot in playing fast music.

My Library

Saves scores with many notes and bookmarks etc on the device.
Scores and notes can be shared among the registered members.
(*Some of the services are charged)

GVIDO Store - Score

Music scores are available from domestic and international score publishing companies.
They are optimized the Electronic Music Score device.

Accessory (Optional)

  • GVIDO foot switch

    (wired & wireless)


    GVIDO foot switch [ for piano players or others who want to use their feet to turn the page] can be connected either via cable or wireless. The cable is much stable than wireless. With a three-switch pedal, it can not only turn pages, but can also call up set lists and perform other functions. The switch part is made of aluminum. It's light and comfortable.

  • Genuine Leather case

    (Handmade leather case)


    The genuine leather case is designed to protect GVIDO itself and instruments. Designed and manufactured by SOMÈS SADDLE, it is available in three colors (light brown, red, navy), which is made by hand-sewing with high-quality leather from carefully selected cowhide.

  • Stylus pen

    (Attached / Additional purchase)


    The stylus pen helps in writing and erasing on the score device. The tip of the pen can be customized [thick, thin, dark and bright].