Digital Music Score

DIGITAL MUSIC SCORE comes to the music world. Make an innovation in the music culture. Improve your music life.

Exclusive Device for Digital Music Score


Specifications (Hard)

Display (Dual Screen) “Mobius”13.3 inch flexible electronic paper display “Carta e-paper technology”(E Ink Corporation)
Touch Pen
(Dual Screen)
Compatible with electromagnetic induction-type touch pen input (Wacom Co., Ltd. )
Touch switch Infrared touch switch
Internal memory 8GB
Interface microSD, Micro USB connector
Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz)
Rechargeable battery Built-in lithium-ion battery
(W x H x T)
482 X 310 X 6.05 (mm) *When using
Weight about 660g
Accessory (Optional) GVIDO foot switch (wired&wireless)
Genuine leather case (Somes Saddle Co., Ltd.)

Functional Specification

GVIDO Service

*1 Partly pay services.

*2 Releasing time and contents can be different depending on the region.



• Available Regions
The following 8 regions will be available at the time of first release. North America [USA, Canada], Europe [UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain] and Japan.
• Releasing Day
Available from October 10th 2017.
*It is subject to delay or postpone depending on circumstances and / or regions.
• Pricing
In the USA, It will be $1,600. (exclusive tax)
*The price may change at the time of release.
*The price in your region will be fixed on the basis of exchange rate in August. The region doesn’t make much difference in price.
*Custom duties and local VAT will be added on top of the price.
• How to purchase
Devices and Accessories are available on GVIDO official site. And we are holding more places to touch and experience. We are considering to expand selling method.
• Music score exclusive functions
GVIDO has many exclusive functions like set list and optimized display for performance, saving many writings on one music score (for example, saving writings for rehearsal and performances) and interlocking function for GVIDO foot switch.
• File format
The file format that correspond will be PDF. Music scores that you purchase from GVIDO store and also, Any PDF file that you own can be imported and display and of course write on them.
• Battery Life
Since we use electronic paper, one battery charge allows several day’s use.
*Battery life will be announced after measuring at the time of release.
• Composing Function
No composing function available at the time of release. Writing is mainly for note. It will be correspond to composing software in near future.
• GVIDO Service
GVIDO Service consists of [My Library] stocks, manages and share various data of your Electronic Music Scores along with many hand writing notes and [GVIDO Store] sells optimized Electronic Music Scores, exclusive devices and many other accessories.
• Foot Switch
Wire connection for reliable performance is available as well as wireless connection (Bluetooth). Call up setlist and others can be done by only foot switch on 3 switch system.
• Leather Cover
3 colors available to protect GVIDO itself and instruments.
• Stylus pen
It’s a brand new revolutionary pen with an eraser on the other half of nib of stylus pen.

About us

About us
Company name Terrada Music Score Co.,Ltd.
Business The digital music score business in general
Representative CEO Fujio Noguchi
Office N Bldg. 5F 2-2-33 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 JAPAN
Established July 1, 2015
URL www.GVIDO.tokyo


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